About JMH Heat

For almost 50 years Jordan, Marlar, Hale, Inc. (JMH) has been a leading manufacturers Representative for electric process & commercial heaters, controls and sensors.   In 1970 Richard M. Jordan, Sr. founded a small manufactures representative company, then known as Richard M. Jordan & Associates, in Memphis, TN specializing in electric heating and controls. Today we have grown into a multi-location rep agency covering not only Tennessee but Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky and Mississippi as well.  Still Headquartered in Memphis we are uniquely situated to cover the southern states like no other representative. Plus with a sales team with over 100 years of experience, and representing some of the leading heating, controller and sensor manufacturers; we have the application expertise, product knowledge and territory coverage to solve tough applications across the south.  Call us at (800) 331-2426 for help with your tough applications.